CH Pheasant Hollows Cause for Applause
(CH Pheasant Hollows Arapaho  X  Pheasant Hollows Jorga Belle)

aka: Pastina

Owners - Kerry Jones & Dawn and Bill Hoever
Doppler - Normal with a 1.47 Flow Rate (October 19, 2006)
Thyriod - Normal (May 2007)
Holter - O VPCs (June 19, 2007)
by Dr. Carl Sammarco, BVSC, MRCVS, Diplomate ACVIM Cardiology
Pastina pictured at:
8 weeks old
3 months old
Pastina takes WB and her first point at the Schooley's Mountain KC show on September 5, 2005
under judge Mr. William deVilleneuve, handled by Kim Pastella-Calvacca.  On the same circuit,
Pastina also took BOB and Best in Match in the large puppy match. 
Pastina takes Best Junior in Sweeps at the Middlesex Boxer Club Specialty
(held in conjunction with the Eastern Dog Club show) on December 10, 2005 under judge
Mrs. Lou-Ann Tibbitts-Ridings, handled by Debbie Struff.  Pastina is pictured below with:
Pheasant Hollows ASureBet (left,1st in 6-9 dog class) and

Pheasant Hollows Pistol Packin Mama (right,1st in 6-9 bitch class).
Pastina takes RWB and Best Puppy in Breed at the Granite State Boxer Club Specialty
held in conjunction with the Eastern Dog Club show on December 11, 2005 under judge
Miss Virginia L. Lyne, handled by Debbie Struff.
Pastina takes WB and 2 points at the Monticello NY KC show
on March 4, 2006 under judge Mr. Steven D. Gladstone,
handled by Kim Pastella-Calvacca.
The following day, Pastina took RWB at the KC of Northern New Jersey show
under judge  Ms. Angela J. Porpora.
Pastina takes WB and a 4 point major at the Boxer Club of Long Island Specialty
on March 24, 2006 under judge Mrs. Cheryl Robbins, handled by Debbie Struff.
Pastina takes WB and 2 points at the Sand and Sea KC show on April 1, 2006
under judge Ms. Ruth Pereira, handled by Debbie Struff.
Pastina takes WB, BW, BOB, a 4 point major, and a Group 2
at the Trumbull County KC show on May 28, 2006 under judge  Mrs. Beth G. Speich,
handled by Debbie Struff breed and Allison Jones (group).
Pastina takes WB, BW, BOB  and the final point to complete her AKC championship
at the Nita Nee KC show on July 22, 2006
under judge Ms. Mary Ann Brocious, handled by Allison Jones.

Pastina pictured at 11 years old.