CH Pheasant Hollow's Mile High Club with Brandiwine
(GCH Pheasant Hollows All Time High SOM X Brandiwines Chances Are Awfully Good)

aka: Jet

Breeders - Bobbie Smith and Katherine Nevious
Owners - Kerry and Allison Jones, and Bobbie Smith
*Health Testing*
July 2015
Holter Zero VPC's -No Singles No Triplets No Couplets
Doppler- SAS Clear - Flow Rate 1.83
Thyroid Normal 2015
Jet at 10 weeks old.
Jet at 14 weeks old.
Jet at 4 months old.
Jet at 5 months old. Jet at 7 months old.

Jet winning Best in Sweeps at New Brunswick
Kennel Club, handled by Allison Jones.
Jet winning Winners Dog for a major
at Clearwater Kennel Club, handled by Allison Jones.