CH Pheasant Hollows Macho Camacho SOM

aka: Hector

To all of my friends and friends of Hector,

Yesterday, June 29, 2012 at 5:00 pm my baby boy and heart dog, Hector, passed away, at 9 years and 3 months of age.  Hector, Ch Pheasant Hollow's Macho Camacho, left this world to go to a better place. He died peacefully in my arms on my bed while I sang to him, rubbed his belly and told him how much I loved him. I am blessed to have known him, as well as to all of the wonderful people he brought into my life. I am blessed with the grace that God gave me on how he died, never having to make the decision to take his life.  I thank all of you that have shared in my love for him, in his life or my life, or have a part of him through his children. A part of me went with him.  Please take the time to read the memorial poem that I wrote to honor his life. He will be cremated and buried with me when I die.

Hector, My Hecklestein

The day you were born right into my arms
God sent me an angel to keep me from harm
I had no idea ,you were a gift of love
a special guardian sent from above
inside of your eyes I could see to your soul
a guardian angel who now made me whole
you slept in my arms from 8 weeks old
and you died in my arms when God took your soul
a more devoted companion I never have known
I am so afraid now, that you left me alone
every turn I took you were always there
and when I was sad you truly did care
your whole life on earth you loved me well
and now that your gone ,is this Lord, called hell?
near the window you sat when I went away
and you followed right by me all of the day
just like an angel, your presence was known
through your whole life I was never alone
you made, feel safe and that things would be fine
from the moment I saw you, you were meant to be mine
every room I went in you waited for me
a better companion there never will be
as time moved on, I depended on you
to walk me through life and help me through
during the hard times you always were there
to comfort me, love me and show me you care
yes, God sent a gift, the day you were born
now that your gone it is my time to mourn
a friend like you I never have known
I'm so afraid Hector, you've left me alone
as you took your last breath in my arms on the bed
I could feel you leave me, as your soul fled
I desperately tried to bring you back to me
but it was your time to fly, so I let you go free
now the time has come to say goodbye
I need you to know I want you to fly
if you love some one they say let them go
the hardest thing to do as all of us know
but promise me one thing you will watch over me
and remember I love you and I set you free
that day that you left a part of me went too
so I could spend forever with you
I sent a part of my heart, for you to hold,
till the time in life that I grow old
hold it well, as a remembrance of me
a hole in my heart there always will be
no other dog, will ever be you
as I live my whole life through
that part of my heart, every day take a look
at the best part of me, that you graciously took
the minute on earth that I take my last breath
I will search to find you in that place after death
you are my heart dog and my very best friend
and our soul connection never will end
we have another chapter to finish my friend
so we will not consider this as our end
a brief time apart we will meet up someday
you can give me back then, what you took away
once again Hector, we will both be whole
because you and I, we shared the same soul
as I lay you to rest I have no regret
forever my Hector I will never forget
all that you did to enrich all of my days
and made me feel special in so many ways
through your children I will see glimpses of you
and I hope that's enough to get me through
till I see you again I will try to be strong
let's not say good bye love, but just say so long.

Written by Kerry Jones in remembrance of
Ch Pheasant Hollows Macho Camacho SOM,
the love of my life
who died at age 9 of complications of lymphoma.
RIP my boy till we meet again.