Future Goals

     I think one of my ultimate goals, is to change the direction in which the breed is going both in health and conformation. As I discussed in breeding philosophies ,the boxer on a whole is a flawed breed in health, the over all longevity in the breed is on a downward slope. In the last 20 years the longevity of the breed has dropped by 3-5 years on an average. We as responsible breeders are doing what we can to health test,and through the diligence of researchers such as Dr.Kate Muers, we are breaking through,and coming up with new tools to detect the inherited genes by studying DNA ,and the combination of genes that determine whether dogs will be effected. Eventually will be able to breed clear dogs and ultimately breed out, congenital heart disease's and other congenital disease's such as degenerative myopathy which already has DNA testing testing available.

     When it comes to my goals in conformation. As a breeder It is not my goal to be the kennel in America that breeds the most champions. The showing of dogs can be a very political, and many champions the the US are made because of the large amount of money that some breeders have or because of the handlers connection with the judge , and not always because he/she was the best dog there. Breeding a good dog in conformation is an art, there is lot of research that goes into pedigrees and discovering the knowledge of how to put 2 dogs together and have a great end result. There also is some luck involved as well. Great breeders have vision,know their dogs faults and are truly gifted artists.In the beginning of my show career 12 years ago I grew increasingly frustrated watching some of the things that went on at the shows. At that point I made a commitment to myself, that I needed to set goals that were reachable and with in my grasp. I promised myself that I would breed dogs that were worthy of their titles, try to support and show to judges that are actually judging the dog itself,and boycott the ones that are not looking at the dogs or not educating themselves on the standard, because in all reality ,it is these judges as well as poor breeders that are responsible for the decline of BREED TYPE,which is what distinguishes this breed from any other. Mutual breeder respect also is very important to me as the seasoned,successful breeders of this country are the people that are most educated on the breed and truly know what distinguishes a good boxer from another . It is those peoples opinions I value,and appreciate, most of our dogs successes have been under breeder judges and at boxer specialties. I think at the end of the day if  throughout  my life time I breed a few boxers that people remember, or who make a difference in the breed,  and my kennel name and hard work somehow contributes to the breed, and my dogs are remembered when I'm gone,I would be happy. As there are some kennels in the country who have bred 150 champions and I could not really tell you any of the dogs names, and then there are other breeders who have bred 10 good dogs or even 1 great dog,and every knows exactly who they are. The real the glitch, is to be sure that these dogs are healthy and have a great dispositions as well. This is not an easy task, and it causes the boxer breeders who are trying to do the right thing to have to face many challenges. The mentality of many top breeders can be very scary as the drive to win,out powers the drive to do the right thing .To breed an over all good dog with health,temperament and beauty. My aspirations are to become an AKC judge.and have the opportunity to judge the breed at specialties and nationals. I would like to breed a few great dogs that people will remember and I would like to write a book on the breed as I am a writer, and poet, I am hoping to be a big part of judge education in the future. Also to become a mentor to any one who would like to learn about the breed, as I love to talk dogs share my views educate and to learn, and of course to receive a Best In Show ,with a dog that my daughter and I Bred , with her handling him/ her at Westminster ......DREAM ON....... It never hurts to set great goals!

     Temperament  is also a huge importance to me. There is no sense in breeding a beautiful boxer,who lives until 14, but is a biter and not a good companion. Many of my puppies go to pet homes,where there are children and other pets, therefore,the soundness of their dispositions, and temperaments are of the utmost priority. Most people choose the boxer because of  the description of their temperaments from the standard, and from books they choose to read about the breed. Then they base,their decision to get a boxer because they feel that this is the dog that will fit into their life style.This in itself makes a good breeder responsible for being sure to take temperament into consideration when breeding, as to insure puppy buyers they will have a great companion,and a dog true to what he was bred for and the temperament described when they are choosing a breed suitable for their family. Many breeders do not take temperament which is inherited, into account and this is why so many boxers end up in rescue organizations,due to the fact that the dog may my be hyper,aggressive with other dogs or people, or unruly. It is also the responsibility of the new puppy buyer to properly train and socialize their puppy and give them lots of love to ensure a great dog. Even purchased from a good breeder, training is key, as boxers can be stubborn at times.They are also an energetic breed that requires exercise. Feel free to contact us at any time.I am willing to educate , as it is my commitment to the breed to encourage people to buy puppies from reputable breeders,and make the back yard breeder a thing of the past. There are many boxer breeders doing the right thing . Check with the American Boxer Club, for  recommendations of breeders, but be sure to insist that any breeder shows proof of their testing, not just tells you that they test,you must have proof. I would also be happy to refer one of my many breeder Friends throughout the country. If interested in one of our pups be sure to contact us or fill out a puppy application.We will get back to you as soon as possible.We do not ship our puppies but we are familiar with many breeders through out the US and in other countries that do the right thing ,and I would be happy to refer them. Also we sometimes have young adults available for sale,because they did not turn out as a show dog. At any time I would be more then happy to open my home to any one who would like to come and spend a bit of time with me and my dogs,and get to understand why I am so smitten with this wonderful breed. Thank you, for visiting us and enjoy the rest of my site..... See you again soon!