CH Pheasant Hollows Fancy Footwork
(CH Pheasant Hollows Macho Camacho X CH Bob & Jacquet's Bell Of The Ball)

aka: Fancy

Breeders - Robert Detoro, Patricia Detoro, and Kerry Jones
Owners - Kerry Jones, Allison Jones and Pat Detoro

Fancy pictured at:
2 Weeks Old
3 Weeks Old
Fancy pictured at 5 weeks old.
Fancy pictured at 12 weeks old.
Fancy pictured at 19 weeks old.
Fancy takes WB, BW, and a 5 point major from the 9-12 Brindle class
at the Middlesex Boxer Club on the 2nd day (October 10th) of the 2007 ABC Regional circuit
under judge Dr. David Abraham, handled by Debbie Struff.

As quoted from the Nov/Dec 2007 issue of the Boxer Ring, Dr. Abraham describes Fancy as follows:

The Boxer I would have been happy to receive as a judge's gift was my Winners Bitch,...from the 9-12 Brindle Class, Pheasant Hollows Fancy Footwork. In an entry with a number of exceptional heads,...her head was the loveliest in the show: a perfect balance of clean, broad skull to plush, softly sculpted broad muzzle; superb profile with moderately undershot jaw and upturned nose; and dark, dark eyes with a warm, melting expression. The rest of her was pretty nice, too! "Meduim sized," with balance of bone and elegance, firm topline, and excellent movement, she was also my choice for Best of Winners.

Fancy takes Best Junior in Sweepstakes at the Boxer Club of Western New York Specialty
(held in conjunction with the Central NY KC show) on November 17, 2007
under judge Ms. Debbie Marshall, handled by Allison Jones.
Fancy competing on the
January 2008 Florida circuit.
Fancy is pictured with her litter brother, CH Pheasant Hollows Mucho Macho (Dante, from a repeat breeding),
at the Eastern Boxer Club Specialty (held in conjunction with the Mason & Dixon KC show)
on April 13, 2008 under judge Ms. Bobbi Compton where they took Best Junior in Sweeps (Dante),
Best Senior in Sweeps and Best in Sweeps (Fancy), handled by Debbie Struff.
This was Fancy's 7th Grand Sweepstakes win!!
~~~  NEW CHAMPION  ~~~
Fancy takes WB and a 3 point major to complete her AKC championship requirements
at the Holyoke KC show on July 6, 2008 under judge Mr. Carl Gene Liepmann, handled by Allison Jones.