Breeding/ Health Philosophies

Our Goal is to Breed More Dogs With Grey Faces

     Breeding boxers is not what we do for a living it is our hobby. Good breeders who health test and show their breeding stock, and are breeding for the betterment of the breed seldom make money on their puppies. It is done purely for the love of the breed, and with the intention to breed health, and longevity back into the breed, and maintain it. All of the boxers here, are health tested for congenital issues , every year prior to making any breeding decisions. They are holtered and dopplered for cardio issues by a Board Certified cardiologist . They are also screened for thyroid, which has been linked to heart issues. We also are using the new genetic tests available to our Boxers , to find markers, which tell us whether a dog will be effected with Degenerative Myopathy and ARVC. Even though these tests are not totally perfected and are still new, we are still using them as a breeding tool. These tests still give, us a bit more insight, and enable us to look at the whole picture ,before pairing two dogs together.. Remarkable research and tests like these have been made possible through the hard work of The American Boxer Charitable Foundation of which I am a member and active contributor . Cancer also is a big factor in the decline of the breed, and is known to run in certain lines, as well as be an environmental factor.

     We also know that high grain intake and preservatives ,poor supplementation as well as the use low quality foods that are high in carbohydrates fuel cancer cells. Frequent vaccinations and the uses of pesticides on our dogs, can also directly contribute to the mutation of Cells as well . I strongly believe that the by products and sugar in the foods that we feed or dogs and the poisons that we use to kill insects have directly contributed to the decline of the Boxers life expectancy!. Longevity in our lines also plays a very important part in our breeding program , we are proud to say, our foundation bitch lived until 14 years of age. This is unusual because unfortunately the boxer is a flawed breed in health,. It is the responsibility of all breeders to health check and screen each perspective parent prior to breeding, and to eliminate any and all effected boxers from their breeding program's. However it is unfortunate that you do not have to have a licence to breed dogs. The irresponsible breeding of back yard breeders and unethical boxer enthusiasts have also contributed to the decrease the life expectancy of the boxer from 10-12 now down to 7-9 according to the AKC. These numbers have dropped swiftly in the last 20 years. However even with all that we do as responsible breeders, we can still lose our Boxers at a young age. Only God will determine the fate of our dogs in the long run .We try to assure our puppy buyers as well as ourselves that we are doing the very best to breed long lived healthy boxers, as we know first hand that there is nothing worse than losing a best friend, and family member way to young.

     We also are breeding for temperament. The boxer should be a fun loving clown ,who loves children, and life, yet still will protect those they love. . Lastly it is our goal to continue to maintain breed type, and beauty in our lines by trying to breed according to the written standard of the breed, by continuing to breed beautiful champion, top winning dogs, that are correct and comply to the standard, as well as to become involved in breeder and judge education to ensure that the standard of the breed is maintained throughout the years to come, so we do not lose the boxer as we know it. Some of the many things I have learned along the way have come from the advice of many friends, fellow breeders and mentors, tons and tons of research and reading as well as from my own mistakes. Our success in the breed would not have been possible without the wonderful friends that own, co- own and show our dogs. These people have become our family. The unions we have made with other ethical breeders, plus the support we have had from the many wonderful people, that we have met along the way. I also could have never done so well so fast without the help of my beautiful talented daughter, and handler Allison, as she trains and presents all of our dogs in the ring with excellence. As a devoted member of the American Boxer Charitable Health Foundation I advise any and all people looking to purchase a boxer to follow a very careful criteria, and do their research prior to purchasing a boxer.

     This research could help you from having a broken heart, way too early... Again, None of us are god, Even with health tested parents and generations of clear dogs, one can still produce an effected puppy but it is important that the consumer looks for breeders that are doing all they can to breed healthy dogs clear of congenital disease and are prepared to disclose all paper work to you, on letter head of Board Certified cardiologist proving that BOTH parents of the prospective pup you may purchase, have been cleared for breeding, have been dopplered/echoed for Sub Aortic Stenosis CLEAR and NORMAL, are holtered yearly for cardiomyopathy with a low number of VPC's or none present,, as well as have been screened for thyroid, hip issues and proof that the genetic test for AVRC ( another cardio issue in boxers) has been done. Also meeting BOTH parents, and inspecting the premises of your breeder , will tell you alot about the care , and pride that they put into their passion. Tracking the lineage to see how old the parents, grandparents and great grandparents are or were at death and what they died of is also proving to be very helpful in determining longevity. This will certainly lessen the odds of heart break .Most reputable breeders stand behind their puppies, and offer a 2 year guarantee on congenital issues.Usually there will be fewer instances of issues when 2 clear parents are bred. Whether or not you are interested in buying a pup from us ,feel free to contact us for any information that you may need regarding the breed.

     In closing I would like to personally thank . My husband and kids for putting up with me . All of you who have co-owned,owned,and have shown or bred a Pheasant Hollow Boxer , MY Ali, all of my wonderful friends And most of all ,I want to thank THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, Sorry Al..... "Hector" Macho Camacho My heart dog, for his unconditional love, and for teaching me how much a boxer has to give!... When Hector died a few years ago at 8 1/2, of Lymphoma he took a big part of me with him, and there was a time when I was uncertain if I would be able to move forward and continue breeding, I was so crushed and frustrated and lost. It took a while but because of the incredible bond I had with him, I knew I had to move forward, even if it was just to educate people and share in my extreme passion and love for the breed. I think at the end of the day what is. the most important to me is that our boxers and the Boxers we place are BEST IN HOME , First and BEST IN SHOW second, and that every puppy I bring into this world has a beautiful life, is spoiled rotten and gives back to their owner what Hector and all of my babies give back to me every day!. Enjoy the rest of our site,,our pictures,our hand picked songs,and our tribute to the breed we love so much!! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.