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Kerry Jones
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        My name is Kerry Jones, I live in Wallkill New York on Pheasant Hollow Lane (hence the name of our kennel). I live in the beautiful Hudson Valley region with my husband, Al, of 35 years. We have 4 beautiful grown children who bless my life every day! Most of them live close by. Of course they all have a Boxer or 2. As you know the breed is infectious! You cannot imagine how thankful I am that my family has put up with me for all these years and our home filled with dogs throughout the years. Many who have slept in their beds.

        Our home and boarding kennel, Affordable Grooming and Boarding, is situated on 60 beautiful wooded acres. Our property in the Hudson Valley area of New York state is nestled between Newburgh and Walkill, 60 miles north of New York City, right off of the NY state thruway at exit 17. Our land has been owned by our family for almost 100 years.

        Our home and property is set up for the health and comfort of our dogs, who are, our constant companions and best friends. Our dogs have 3 fenced in acres to run and play and every one of them live in our home not in the kennel. They do occasionally like to drop-in to our kennel’s store to shoplift yummy goodies off the shelves of the dog boutique!

        When we decided to start breeding and showing our dogs, and after going to look at a few other breeders set ups, I knew I could not breed in the conventional way. I was thrown back by the conditions of some of the places that I visited and how some fellow breeders house their dogs ... Not ALL but many. And it was not for me. It absolutely broke my heart to see beautiful Boxers with hearts of gold, living in kennels or basements or in small crates and in sub-par conditions. I made a promise to myself, that every Boxer that I own or have bred, or had anything to do with would always be BEST IN HOME first and BEST IN SHOW second. All of the homes that we place our dogs in would be carefully screened before any dog that I have bred leaves the comfort of my home, knowing they are always welcome back to my home at any age, no questions asked. Our dogs do not live in kennels, each and every Boxer that lives with us is a part of our family. They sleep on our beds and share our home with us. I think they own the place more than we do, at least the bed, couch and recliners anyway. It is not unusual to have a paw in my ear while I’m sleeping and before I know it I'm falling off of my small spot on the bed while my dogs are sprawled out.

        At this time we have 7 Boxers who live with us in our home. Not 1 of our dogs live in a kennel. We also have a live-in nanny for our dogs! She lives in an apartment in our home working full time to help with the care, maintenance of our dogs, and the whelping and caring of our babies. She also is a wonderful assistant to me, providing friendship and love to all who live in our home, to all of our dogs as well as to the many people who inquire about our dogs, and of course, she has Boxers in her bed too!

        Our dogs are our best friends. They come in the car with us and are truly part of our family, every last one. They even snowbird with us to Florida in the winter. I have always vowed never to keep more Boxers then I can manage in my home because they do not deserve to be kennel dogs or live in cages. Each and every dog gets a fair amount of love and attention. Boxers are free loving spirits who deserve to run and play, not live in a jail cell. I have been blessed with many great dogs, great co-owners and puppy buyers who have made our lives and the lives of our dogs, great ones. They have enabled us to continue to breed and place our dogs in great forever homes.

        Together our family has been breeding Boxers for 25 years. Working diligently to improve our own dogs as well as the Breed as a whole. Our breedings are selective and limited. We only breed our females 2 times, carefully, using the formula that Temperament-Health-and Conformation must be carefully screened prior to making any BREEDING decisions.

        Proudly, after many years of hard work, we are now known as noted, reputable Boxer breeders throughout the world, not only as ethical breeders with integrity but for the contribution we have made to the excellence of the breed as well as the quality of our dogs. We are AKC ‘Breeders of Merit’ and participate in AKC’s ‘Bred With H.E.A.R.T.’ program for the continued work on the health of our breed. I am proud to support the American Boxer Charitable Foundation who has raised thousands and thousands of dollars towards the health and research of the breed and its many health issues. I have had Boxers my entire life and grew up with them by my side, from the time I was born. My husband and Fran, my mother in-law (who is sadly now deceased), also had Boxers all of their lives. Fran was breeding and showing Boxers before I was even born. Combined, we had 75 years in the breed. When I look back I cannot remember a time that a Boxer was not part of my family or my memories.

        Our youngest daughter, Allison, and I began showing dogs when she was 8 years old. Allison competed in Jr Handling , and won the honors of Top Boxer handler and Top Doberman handler, and competed and placed at Westminster. She shows most of the dogs we breed as well. She is now 28 and has owner-breeder handled and finished almost 50 Pheasant Hollow Boxers to their championships and Grand-championships since then. We campaigned and showed our first home bred, a Best in Show Specialty winner who became a Top 10 Boxer in the country. Allison is now a professional handler and is married to a fellow handler and Doberman breeder. Together they show dogs for a living (with much success I might add). I could not be prouder of them both as I am right now!

        We continue to breed and show our dogs. Ali and Hernan live in Florida. Al and I live in NY three quarters the year and in Florida the other quarter. We manage to get together very often and continue our passion for breeding, showing, and enjoying every minute with our Boxers and the friends we have made through the breed. We always strive to breed healthy, beautiful, good tempered, long-lived Boxers. Making our priority the betterment of the breed we love so much, hoping in some way we will make a difference in the breed, particularly in the longevity and their very flawed health, as even with proper health clearances, on both parents and longevity in both lines a Boxer can still succumb before they’ve reached their prime of 1 in 5 of the most common health problems; Boxer cardio diseases, cancer, DM, JRD etc.

        As my friends can tell you, I could talk all day about my dogs, about pedigrees, the standard, about issues that affect the breed and about how we can try to reverse the decline in the longevity of our breed, as it is my life’s work to give back to the breed as much as it has given to me. Boxers are a special breed of dog! They are the world’s best kept secret and most owners who have experienced their love would agree that once you own them (or they own you) you will never have another breed of dog. Every Boxer I have owned has taken a piece of my heart with them when they leave this world. Leaving my heart just a little more empty when they go, I will never get used to the heartache of losing one of my best friends. I only can hope there is a special place in Heaven where they all will wait to see me again.

        BUT...In hind sight...If I could do it all over again...I would not change one thing. At ALL! Please take some time to enjoy the slide show of our Boxer’s home and grounds and the way they live here with us. Read and learn about our philosophies in the link below and some of the facts about the breed, and know what to ask a breeder when looking for a puppy. Anytime you’re in our neck of the woods you are welcome to come by to meet us, and the best friends we call our BOXERS and my life's work and passion. Without each and every one of them, I would not be the person I am today...They are…Who I Am.

Some of the accomplishments of Pheasant Hollow Boxers include:

- Being featured on Animal planet, pictured on Royal Canin Boxer Formula bags, on Eukanuba Boxer in the UK, and in many commercials for Ford, Intel, Valentino Shoes, NY State lottery, Frontline.

- Closing in on 50 home-bred champions and grand-champions thus far (01/31/17).

- Winning 10 Best in Shows and 3 Reserve Best in Shows in 2016. Qualifying in the Top 10 Boxer in the country for the past 2 years with the beautiful MBIS MBISS GCH Vixayo's Golden Hammer. We will compete in the 2017 Top 20 at ABC. "Thor" is shown by my son-in-law, Hernan Pacheco, and my daughter, Allison Pacheco. We have had the wonderful honor to campaign and show this beautiful dog who truly is my vision of the ‘Perfect’ Boxer.

- Campaigning 2 Top 10 Boxers in the US, competing in Westmister, and winning Winners Bitch there. -Winning the Best Stud Dog in the US at the American Boxer National Specialty 4 times. Next year if Kryptonite wins, he will break the record and be the top winning stud dog of all time, recognized by our Breed Club, at our nationals, holding the record of the stud dog with the most wins for his excellence in producing consistently.

- We have 2 Sires of Merit (CH Pheasant Hollow's Macho Camacho SOM & CH Pheasant Hollow's Kryptonite SOM. CH Pheasant Hollow's ASureBet and CH Pheasant Hollow's All Time High only need 1 more champion (each) for their SOM title.

- We won Best Puppy in Futurity in 2015, Reserve Puppy in Futurity, Best 9-12 in Futurity, and we have broken the American Boxer Club's record of winning the most class wins by one breeder, taking 6 first place wins in one show and 5 the year prior at the National Specialty.

- We have won the Bred By class at ABC (a very competitive and difficult class to win) at least 6 times. - One of my biggest thrills was winning Winners Bitch from the 6-9 puppy class and Reserve Winners Bitch with a litter sister at a pre-ABC Speciaity under the respected judge Mr. Bill Shelton, garnishing a 5 point major. I will not soon forget the feeling of that wonderful day.

- We have had top placements and wins at National and Regional shows including Award of Merits, Select Dogs, Best of Opposites, 6 Regional Winners Bitches, 3 Winners Dogs 2 Reserve Winners Bitches at our National and a magnitude of placing Boxers.

- 8 of our dogs can currently be seen as examples of outstanding breed type and head type on Boxer expert Judy Horton's educational site ‘The World Wide Boxer’.

        And we go on… Thank you...Please read on...Stay AWAY from BACK YARD BREEDERS AND PUPPY MILLS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR BREED.
Kerry judging sweeps
Kerry judging Sweepstakes at the Michigan Boxer Club.
The dog is Shadigee's Sequel To Legends.